Testimonials and Press

"We are here and love LOVE how everything is looking! Wayne adores the maple! Thanks for everything! We are so happy with how things are looking!"
—-Best, Natalia

"Many thanks for the beautiful gardens you made at my house. They add tremendously to the magical feel we are creating here.... I couldn't be happier"
— Lisa

"Consider me your most satisfied customer! It was such a pleasure to come up and see all you had done. Everything looks spectacular."
— Paul

"I can't thank you enough for your hard work and vision. The fairy gardens that you and Ben created here last Friday are just lovely — I couldn't be happier!"
— Lisa

"Thank you Carol and Serenity Gardens crew for your care and for tending the gardens at Heartsease Mansion. Your TLC is being felt as the flowers and trees are thriving and the gardens look beautiful" ..

—-Love Ronit

"You are the BEST! Thanks for your work on Paradise Way.
We get closer to it's name every year. I have been enjoying my garden in ways not possible without you.
I look forward to continued joy in the future."
— Johanna

Forgot to gush! This place looks amazing. Your crew is the best. ❤️

—-Jo Andres

"The place looks great! We Love, Love, Love what you've done! Thank you! "


"Carol-you've made my gardens glow. I love you thank you send me a bill!!!!
— Libby

"I love your work on my land. It gives me pleasure every day.
Thank you for everything."
— Helen

"The place looks magnificent! You have done a really beautiful job. Thank you!"
— Paul

"I'm thrilled with what got done. Like mountains were moved. You and your crew are the best! "

—- x jo

"Thank you for your caring and beautiful work on my property."
— Ruth

"The gardens looks wonderful!
It was such a nice vision when I returned from Europe."
— Martha

"It has been a pleasure to work with you. You helped smooth the way on many occasions.
I want you to know how much I've appreciated your assistance."
— Josh Huntington, Rosedale Nurseries

 “I also wanted to let you know how pleased we are with both the design and installation.  Your vision really came through beautifully.  Thank you for helping to make our house a home!”

—-Best, Karen

“Thank you for your continued help. Reliable, courteous, effective, sweet.”

—-Sandy xo